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Practice Strategy Checklist

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

___ I have charted a step-by-step plan of action to open and grow my practice.

___ I have thoroughly outlined my niche (demographic and specialization) and developed a marketing plan.

___ I assessed and hired a competent business consultant/coach to assist me.

___ I utilize well-sourced projections to establish an initial budget and completed a business forecast.

___ Over the first year, I successfully completed a start-up cost budget that includes expenditures and organizational expenses and reassessed the budget every month.

___ My ultimate goals are clearly stated and tracked so that they are thoroughly understood by myself.

___ If a plan that I have implemented is shown to be lacking, I am always willing to rethink, rewrite, or even scrap the initial plan.

___ I make sure that I am always on course by tracking my plan of action weekly.

___ My business plan is open to evaluation and change, as is the market.

___ I have studied and educated myself about modern successful practices.

Do you need help developing a strategy to establish your own private therapy practice or coaching business? Contact us today for a business strategy session.

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